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Home delivery from supermarkets in Phuket

Mai Khao / Phuket April 25, 2020 0 comments

Home delivery from supermarkets in Phuket functions well and at reasonable prices. Large supermarkets Lotus and Tops in Phuket offer home delivery service to our vacation rental apartment. Especially for longer stays, we recommend you to use this service for convenient and affordable shopping. We can assist you with the delivery order even for your arrival day.


To give you an idea of price levels, we have checked Tesco Lotus’ prices of below products in April 2020:

  • 500g whole wheat toast bread: THB 35-40 (EUR/USD 1)
  • 135 g pack of strawberry yoghurt (in a pack of 4): THB 10-15 (EUR 0,4-0,5)
  • 1,5 l bottle of drinking water (in a pack of 6 bottles: THB 10 (EUR/USD 0,3)
  • 2 l bottle of pasteurized milk: THB 90-95 (EUR/USD 2,5-3)
  • 325 ml can of Coke (in a pack of 24 cans): 10-15 THB (EUR 0,4-0,5)
  • 320 ml can of local beer (in a pack of 24 cans): THB 30-35 (EUR/USD 1)
  • 75 cl bottle of imported red wine: starting from THB 350 (EUR 10, USD 11)