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Remote work from Thailand

Mai Khao / Phuket April 19, 2020 0 comments

Work from home away from home

Remote working from countries other than your own has gained popularity at least in talks lately, driven by the rapid digital development of working practices and means of communication. Have you dreamt of spending some weeks or months away from office and working remotely from Thailand? Our apartment in Phuket offers a perfect setting for working from “home” away from home. Reliable and fast internet connection enables smooth Teams, Zoom or Google Hangout calls without any extra fees.

You can start your working day with a cup of Nespresso coffee on the balcony while temperatures are still mild and maybe move to one of the poolside pavilions, common lobby area or to the comfort of the air conditioned apartment when sun and temperature rise higher during the day. Usually there are plenty of quiet spots for working in buildings common areas. Why not dip into pool during lunch break?

How does it work with time zone differences?

We have worked at Mai Khao Beach remotely with team members based in Finland. Phuket’s time zone is UTC +7 hours (UTC stands for universal coordinated time) while in Finland it is during summer time (or daylight saving time) UTC +3 and during winter time (or standard time) UTC +4 hours.

In practice this means that – when in Mai Khao Beach during summer months – you will be 4 hours ahead of your colleagues in Finland (or other countries in the same time zone). During winter months the difference will be 5 hours.

What we like is that you will get to enjoy peaceful mornings, maybe take a morning dip into pool and then get to focus on work for a while before your colleagues in Europe start their shifts.

You may want to suggest your colleagues in Europe to schedule meetings to early hours of working days, which would mean early afternoon hours in Phuket. And should there be need for a later afternoon meeting at European hours, it would still not be later than 9 pm or so in Phuket. And we can tell, it is not so bad to have a Teams meeting on your balcony after a dinner either…

Prepare for working life post corona

Working life after corona will not be the same as how we know it today. We believe that remote work enabled by digital tools will become a new normal.

We also know that plans sometimes change. Thanks to our flexible cancellation policy, you can already now reserve our apartment for your living and working space for 2021 or 2022. Get in touch with us ask for a proposal for a long-stay!